About NAMA

The North American Millers’ Association represents millers of wheat, corn, oats, and rye in the U.S. and Canada. Our members take raw grain and transform it into flour and other products that are used to make such favorite foods as bread, cereals, pasta, cookies, cakes, and snack foods. We’re proud to be the indispensable link between raw grain and healthy and delicious products that have sustained and enriched people’s lives for centuries.

NAMA’s member companies operate 150+ mills across 30+ states, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Utilizing the technical expertise of our members and staff, we represent the milling industry before the White House, federal agencies, and Congress.

2024-2027 Strategic Plan

In October 2023, the NAMA Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan to guide the association for the next three years.

The plan is built on three foundational pillars:



Leverage our collective voice to impact regulations and policies that are important to our members.



Connect the technical expertise of our members and staff with strategic partners to advance research, advocacy, and engagement.

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Enhance our efforts to connect members to the essential and valuable benefits of being an engaged member of NAMA.

Click here to read the full strategic plan.

Our History

The milling industry in the U.S. has a long history of collaborating on issues for the advancement of the sector and to benefit the consumers it serves.

NAMA Staff


Jane DeMarchi


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Molly Miller


Kim Feb21

Kim Cooper


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Holley Wiedemann


Sarah Hubbart


Executive Committee

Tedd Kruse • Vice Chair

ADM Milling Company

Daniel Dye

Ardent Mills, LP

Gregg Christensen


Meredith Nelson

General Mills

Pete Frederick

Grain Craft, Inc.

Terry Tyson

Grain Millers

Brian Doyle • Chair

King Milling Company

D. Ford Mennel • Past Chair

The Mennel Milling Company

Jeff Hole

Miller Milling Company

Mike Fassezke

Star of the West

NAMA Board of Directors

Greg Viers

Barilla USA, Inc.

Trey Sebus

Bartlett Milling

Jessica Exley

Cargill, Inc.

Howdy Holmes

Chelsea Milling Company

Scott Beumer

Dakota Growers Pasta Company

Riley Didion

Didion Milling, Inc.

Frank Brown, Jr.

F. M. Brown’s Sons, Inc.

Robert Harper

Hopkinsville Milling Company

Craig Hagood

House-Autry Mills, Inc.

Chris Giguere

Iowa Corn Processors

Emily Likens

Knappen Milling Company

Glen Hartzell

La Crosse Milling Company

Kim King

Lakeside Mills, Inc.

Kevin Kelly

LifeLine Foods, LLC

Timothy Dodd

Minot Milling Company

Vance Taylor

North Dakota Mill & Elevator

Brad Allen

Panhandle Milling, LLC

Alan Koechner

PepsiCo, Inc.

James Meyer

Richardson International, Inc.

Kevin Pray

SEMO Milling, LLC

Joe Ford

Shawnee Milling Company

Richard C. Siemer

Siemer Milling Company

Dave Braun

Snavely’s Mill, Inc.